For today’s prompt, write a milestone poem. It could be a work milestone, athletic milestone, or even a milestone related to diet or overcoming addiction. Have fun with it, and here’s to the next 300 Wednesday prompts!

Getting there

Becoming has consumed my life
swallowing up days, months, years
preoccupied with What Will Be

The original goals were trite
and youthful: vet, doctor, lawyer...
ambitious intelligence guaranteed success

Being also consumed the light
in my soul with reality of bills, divorce
death and devastating diagnoses

The daily job of living was littered
with milestones and mile markers
on a paved highway of disappointment

Conquering has freed me with titles 
hoped for but not attained: Mommy, wife
friend, beloved, disciple, teacher

The path of getting there has
twisted, halted and narrowed
preoccupied again with What Will Be

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