Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses you wish you had

Yes, I have MS.  No, you can not catch it from, at least not whilst sitting at your computer...hahahahahahaha!

Seriously, it is an incurable disease with no known cause.  I have a positive diagnosis as of October 2003, which was found incidentally as part of my regular follow up care for removing a fairly large brain tumor in November 1997.  2017 my diagnosis was changed to primary progressive and in 2017 I also began a weight loss journey on January 15, 2017, losing a total of 89 pounds with more to go.  I had my gallbladder removed in 2016.

I KNOW, some people get all the luck, right?  Be jealous.  (This news of MS was delivered two weeks after a total emergency hysterectomy before the luxury of having biological children.)

God had bigger plans though, I am (or did) raising six kids that other people couldn't raise, ironically all because their biological parents screwed up and did drugs.  What an amazing thing to put all the pieces together so I'd be at the right place, at the right time with my fabulous husband, to receive the best gift in the whole world: SIX amazing little people.  Two of our children are now grown and one of them is making us grandparents in 2018.

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