Cast of Characters

Family Vision Statement:
The Browns will be healthy enough to play without being watched, strong enough to be honest in all things, able to go out in the world and have a great time (like a real vacation again) and free enough to really, really laugh.

Charley:   The main man ~ the love of my life

Christina:   The Mommy (aka, me)

Alexis:   The Eldest ~ my grown up daughter ~ my heart

Zachary:   The moody, way too handsome, teenage man

David:   The the middle boy, quite, thinker...but when he talks...oh boy....six pack stud

Tamara:  The middle girl going on 25, drama diva should be in the movies, girly girl

Charley II:  The mama's curse; smart, active, smart, active, smart, active........

Holley:   his evil twin...smaller,younger and a drama diva.

The beginning is the hardest part of the work.

Never let what happens to you dictate what you become.

All my children are worth the fight.

Married to the bestest hubby ever.

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