Bucket List ~ stuff I still hope to do

  • In no particular order:
  •  see the Northern lights
  •  publish something I have written
  • sing Karaoke in public
  • see New York city
  • see Washington DC
  • sail on a big sail boat
  • rent a beach house for a week
  • rent a house boat for week on Lake Powell
  • Go to back to Europe
  • White water rafting
  • own a very cool camera  surprise Christmas gift 2016 from hubby
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • find out why the platypus
  • make a difference in a strangers life   waited over night for a Hatchimal and gave it away to a stranger with cancer (Christmas 2016) She died April 2017.
  • be alive to watch my grandchildren grow
  • travel by vehicle threw the rest of the U.S.A.
  • See the Louvre
  • Go to Africa
  • Go to Jerusalem
  • drive a really, really, really fast car
  • go to Jamaica 
  • fulfill the a dreams of  for someone else
  • stand on the four corners  summer 2015 with five of my kids
  • hike a famous trail
  • do a marathon
  • find my roots to see where I got these lips
  • get my college degree
  • have that one question answered
  • find that teacher that changed my life and thank her
  • go frogging (catch and release)
  • Florida Keys


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